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Compost process validation

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APHA Scientific is able to offer comprehensive composting process validation and monitoring service for bacteriological and virological agents.

The service includes:

  • Advice and consultancy – utilising agency scientists extensive expertise on validation protocols.
  • Validation - technology developed to fulfil the requirements of the regulations and to meet the required parameters of Salmonella Senftenberg, which is more heat resistant than other Salmonellae, and Bovine Parvovirus, which is a thermo-resistant virus. Preparation of validation testing protocols.
  • Monitoring – offers the testing of routine representative samples of compost for Escherichia coli and other Salmonella species.
  • Samples and canisters – preparation of test organisms and ‘ready-to-use canisters.
  • Distribution delivery and collection service of test samples to and from customer’s processing site.
  • Test reports – agency scientists offer a wealth of experience to complete reports to meet regulatory standards.

This service is ideal for customers seeking approval for their alternative transformation compost process (see below) under the new European Commission Regulation EC 142/2011, that came into effect from March 2011.

Further information

The European Regulation EC142/2011 controls the approval of alternative composting and biogas standards for the treatment of animal by-products (ABPs). It permits the operator to specify their own treatment parameters provided they can demonstrate, through microbiological testing, that the processing conditions result in minimal biological risk of the final product.


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