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Disinfectant testing

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APHA Scientific is able to offer an extensive disinfectant testing service to aid the disinfectant manufacturing industry.

The service can support the formulation and developmental stages of new disinfectant products, help with formal approval by EU and national regulatory bodies and strengthen efficacy claims and marketing programmes.

Judicious use of disinfectants promotes disease prevention and control. Our service provides an extensive range of efficacy tests, for the following pathogens:

Download the disinfectant testing leaflet (pdf).

Please note:

This service does NOT represent disinfectant approval as part of the Defra disinfectants approval scheme, which should be applied for in the normal way. However, prior to submitting new products for Poultry Orders approval, customers may wish to submit them for a 'range finding' test again Newcastle disease virus to give greater confidence in dilutions to be used when seeking formal approval.

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