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Bird detecting radar

Bird detecting radar image

APHA owns and operates the only two mobile bird detecting radars available for civilian use in the UK. This equipment can be deployed either on land or at sea and collects data on bird movements around the clock, whatever the weather.

The equipment

The mobile bird detection unit comprises two specifically adapted marine radars:

  • An S band radar system in the horizontal plane, over a circular area with a radius of 11km
  • An X band radar scans in the vertical plane, in an arc up to 1.4km above the radar

Both radars detect and record moving targets that pass through the scanned area. The radars can be operated continuously over a period of days, weeks or months, as required.

Why use radar

Unlike human observers, radar can precisely detect and record bird movements:

  • Continuously, 24 hours a day
  • Consistently and objectively
  • In poor visibility
  • At night
  • Over large distances

Where used for the monitoring of sites, our field ornithologists always accompany the radar to ensure ‘truthing’ of data by the identification of species.

Easy to understand reports

We have developed software to ensure the comprehensive data captured by the radar can be presented simply and clearly, providing clients with easy to understand reports to form part of any required impact assessment.

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