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Birdstrike consultancy

Bird strikes are viewed by the aviation industry as the biggest manageable risk to air safety.

APHA has a team of expert specialists with unrivalled experience in bird hazard management that is able to offer a comprehensive consultancy service designed to help reduce the Birdstrike risk for airports and airlines.

Birdstrike safeguarding consultancy service

Any UK planning application that falls within the ICAO defined 13km bird strike safeguarding zone around safeguarded aerodromes should be assessed for its potential impact on bird numbers and movements in the area. The proliferation of airports within the UK means that almost two thirds of the country’s land area now falls within a bird strike safeguarding zone.

Safeguarding problems posed by planning applications can often cause conflict between airports and developers. Any planning application that falls within the 13km bird strike safeguarding zone around civil airports (or within eight miles of military airfields) should be assessed for its effect on bird populations, numbers and movements in the area.

APHA offers a risk assessment service to review planning applications and report on the likely effect of any new developments. Our vast and extensive ornithological experience enables us to tailor our advice to each case. Where significant risks are identified we can advise airports and developers on adjustments that can be made to proposed developments so as to mitigate risks, thus leading to a mutually acceptable planning application going forward to the authorities.

APHA have a long track record of providing professional ornithological advice to the civil aviation industry. Our advice is consistent, clear and unequivocal, being sufficiently robust to be defensible under cross examination at any potential public inquiry.

APHA is unique in benefiting from a range of advanced bird monitoring equipment able to gather high quality bird movement data in order to inform safeguarding advice that may be used in public inquiries.

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