Service status & OV support

If you experience any problems accessing or using Sam please contact the Sam OV support desk, the contact details are given on the right.

Service status

The Service status is manually amended by APHA when they become aware of any issues or planned maintenance work affecting Sam and/or the Government Gateway.

Service status
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Government Gateway




  • Red - The service is unavailable. Please see ‘Planned maintenance and reported issues’ for further information.

  • Amber - Service is running slowly, or has intermittent problems. Please see ‘Planned maintenance and reported issues’ for further information.

  • Green - Good Service – no reported problems.

Planned maintenance and reported issues

Reported issues -Updated 23rd November 2017

N reported issues

Planned Maintenance

Sam Downtime - Updated 31st October 2017

Tuesday 12th December 2017 from 19:00 to 07:30 on Wednesday 13th December 2017 for Maintenance.

Government Gateway Downtime 31st October 2017
No planned Downtime

Sam OV support

For queries about using Sam or the initial registration process please contact the Sam support desk on:

0208 026 1092
Email Sam support desk

If you enter data in error and wish to request a Sam Data Fix, please complete this form (GEN02) and send to your local APHA office.