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Diagnostic support for private vets

With the aim of undertaking effective scanning surveillance the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) provides a quality-assured diagnostic service to the veterinary profession and their clients.

By engaging with APHA, veterinary business gain access to expert pathology advice and, as a consequence of the data collected and analysed, to information and advice on new and re-emerging threats to animal health.

Accessing diagnostic support

Livestock & wildlife disease diagnosis at APHA

Livestock & wildlife disease diagnosis at APHA

The APHA Species Expert Groups have published a new guide to diagnostic sampling and test selection for both livestock and wildlife (link above).


It aims to provide vets with guidance on sampling and test selection for common disease presentations.


Feedback is welcome - please use the email addresses in the document.

Guidance is also available on sample packing for submission to APHA.

APHA operates a network of Veterinary Investigation Centres located across England and Wales. In addition, post-mortem examinations (PME) are also performed on behalf of APHA by:

  • The Royal Veterinary College – serving parts of the South East (around London) and Central England
  • SRUC (former Scottish Agricultural College) – serving Northumberland
  • The University of Bristol – serving areas of South West England
  • The University of Surrey – serving the South East of England
  • Wales Veterinary Science Centre (Aberystwyth) – serving parts of North and Mid Wales

Veterinary businesses can access diagnostic support initially by contacting their nearest PME facility.

Maps are provided below that show the scanning surveillance network and providers in England and Wales:

Carcases should not be submitted to any PME facility without first agreeing this with the receiving site. A disposal fee may be charged for any carcases received without prior agreement.

In addition to post-mortem examinations, APHA also undertakes diagnostic laboratory testing on materials submitted for anaylsis. Samples should be submitted to the APHA laboratory serving your area.

APHA diagnostic laboratories

Covers area previously served by APHA labs at:

Veterinary Investigation Centre
Rougham Hill,
Bury St Edmunds,
IP33 2RX
Tel: 01284 724499



Veterinary Investigation Centre
CA11 9RR
Tel: 01768 885295


Veterinary Investigation Centre
Kendal Road
Tel: 01743 467621





Veterinary Investigation Centre
Staplake Mount, Starcross,
Exeter, EX6 8PE
Tel: 01626 891121



Test price lists (Link to GOV.UK)

Submission forms