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Diagnostic testing

APHA offers diagnostic testing on a variety of different sample types for livestock, equine, avian and wildlife species.


APHA’s guide on sample and test selection, Livestock & Wildlife Disease Diagnosis at APHA provides you with guidance on the samples required and tests used for common disease presentations for both livestock and wildlife. 

You can also access this guide through the Animal Disease Testing Service.

If the guide does not answer your query, please contact one of our Veterinary Investigation Officers at your local Veterinary Investigation Centre

Further service information

Six APHA sites provide laboratory testing for disease surveillance, export and import testing and scientific testing.  Further information on which services to use is available on GOV.UK, including links to:

Submission samples

All diagnostic submission samples (except carcases) should be sent direct to your closest receiving laboratory: Bury St Edmunds, Penrith, Shrewsbury or Starcross. 

If you use APHA’s Animal Disease Testing Service, you will be able to send samples direct to the testing laboratory using the information provided once you have submitted the test information.