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Cattle disease surveillance

If you have found something new, unusual, severe, or unresponsive in relation to cattle diseases, please contact the CEG veterinary lead or your nearest Veterinary Investigation Centre.

Please note: if you suspect a notifiable disease you must contact APHA immediately.

Explore the diagnoses made by the GB surveillance network through the interactive cattle disease surveillance dashboard.

Cattle Expert Group (CEG) veterinary lead

CEG veterinary lead - Gareth HateleyThe CEG veterinary lead is Gareth Hateley (0208 2256594).

Gareth has been the CEG veterinary lead since April 2014. He leads the Defra-funded cattle disease scanning surveillance project in APHA, and is a past President of the British Cattle Veterinary Association. Gareth also represents APHA on the Cattle Health and Welfare Group (CHAWG), the Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS) technical committee, and is the Vice-Chair of BVDFree England.

CEG members

To support the CEG veterinary lead, the group has representation from Veterinary Investigation Officers from APHA and SRUC, SAC Consulting Veterinary Services representatives. In addition, there are APHA members on CEG providing expertise for specific disciplines (e.g. epidemiology, virology, parasitology) and specific diseases (e.g. besnoitiosis). There is also representation from those involved in International Disease Monitoring in APHA.

CEG non-APHA members include representatives from:

CEG collaboration

CEG also collaborates closely with:

CEG surveillance reports

CEG contributes interesting and unusual bovine cases, highlights bovine disease alerts or findings and provides focus articles relating to cattle for the APHA Veterinary Record monthly disease surveillance report. These are compiled together with contributions from other Species Expert Groups.

Quarterly GB Cattle Diseases Emerging Threats reports are compiled by CEG. They summarise investigations into threats and other surveillance issues to inform governments, the veterinary profession and livestock farming industries of new or re-emerging threats to cattle health or changing trends among existing ones.

Interesting cases from reports in 2016

GB emerging threats: cattle disease report

Quarterly highlights

January to March 2016

  • Partial hypotrichosis in a Hereford calf
  • Emphysematous abomasitis

April to June 2016

  • Nephritis in calves
  • Malignant catarrhal fever
  • Nitrate poisoning
  • Mycoplasma bovis in calf respiratory disease

July to September 2016

  • Ruminant access to gamebird feed
  • Closantel toxicity
  • Bovine Neonatal Pancytopaenia in unvaccinated animals
  • Q Fever abortion
  • Protoporphyria
  • Unusual Salmonella Dublin clinicopathological presentations
October to December 2016
  • Cholesterol deficiency of Holstein cattle
  • Lumpy skin disease: negated report cases
  • Udder cleft dermatitis and pneumonia in dairy cows
  • Interstitial pneumonia

Cattle dashboard

Population information

Disease information

Information notes and alerts on specific diseases or conditions:

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