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Miscellaneous and exotic farmed disease surveillance

If you have found something new, unusual, severe, or unresponsive in relation to miscellanous and exotic farmed diseases, please contact the MEFS veterinary lead or your nearest Veterinary Investigation Centre.

Please note: if you suspect a notifiable disease you must contact APHA immediately.

Miscellaneous and Exotic Farmed Species Expert Group (MEFS) veterinary lead

MEFS veterinary lead - Amanda CarsonThe MEFS veterinary lead is Amanda Carson (0790953222).

Miscellaneous and Exotic Farmed species includes those farmed species which fall outside the other five Species Expert Groups, such as camelids, deer and rabbits.

The MEFS is included as a subsection within the Small Ruminant Expert Group.

MEFS surveillance reports

The MEFS Expert Group contributes interesting and unusual cases, highlights disease alerts or findings and provides focus articles relating to miscellaneous and exotic farmed species for the APHA Veterinary Record monthly disease surveillance report. These are compiled together with contributions from other Species Expert groups.

Quarterly GB MEFS Diseases Emerging Threats reports summarise investigations into threats and other surveillance issues to inform governments, the veterinary profession and livestock farming industries of new or re-emerging threats to cattle health or changing trends among existing ones.

Interesting cases from reports in 2016

GB emerging threats: exotic and farmed species report

Quarterly highlights

January to March 2016

  • Nematodirus lamae identified in alpaca in the UK
  • Multiple follicular cysts in an alpaca
  • Cervid spongiform encephalopathy update
  • Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) antibodies in alpaca

April to June 2016

  • Tick borne fever in water buffalo
  • Endocarditis and concurrent fasciolosis in alpaca
  • Yersiniosis in deer
  • Cervid spongiform encephalopathy update

July to September 2016

  • Lymphoma in alpaca
  • Clostridial disease in alpaca
  • Rabbit haemorrhagic disease
  • Cervid spongiform encephalopathy update
October to December 2016
  • Linguatula artica in reindeer
  • Endoparastism in reindeer
  • EFSA Scientific Opinion on chronic wasting disease in cervids
  • Rabbit haemorrhagic disease Virus type 2 vaccination update

Disease information

Information notes and alerts on specific diseases or conditions:

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