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- Which date should be entered in Sam when a TB test has been arranged?

- The type of TB test OVs can create? - Updated 03/04/14

- You can use a ‘wildcard’ when searching for a client?

- How to tell when a TB test is ready to be submitted?

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Sam - Online TB test submission

OVs can electronically receive notifications
and submit TB test results to AHVLA.
See the advantages and how to register page
for more information.

Service status

The service status is manually updated when there are Issues or Planned Maintenance which may affect Sam and/or the Government Gateway.

TB2 Notices must not be served from 6 April 2014. In any instance where you would previously have served a TB2 Notice, automatic restrictions now apply. Owners/keepers must be informed of results and handed a TB181 information note. 

Service status
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Planned maintenance and reported issues

Planned Maintenance

Sam Downtime - Updated 07th April 2014

Saturday 26th April 2014 from 08:00 to 07:00 on Monday 28th April 2014

Government Gateway Downtime - Updated 31st March 2014

No Planned Downtime

Reported Issues

Updated 9th October 2013

When using the Adds Rows function to add multiple individual animals to a test, please ensure that you click the Add Rows button rather than the key after completing the number of rows field as required. Using the key will return an erroneous error message on the Test Details tab.

Animals that are calculated to be ineligible for a test because they are less than 42 days are currently being displayed on both the Not Tested and the Captured Test Results tabs.

Assigning them as Confirmed Not Eligible on the Not Test tab will update both tabs correctly.

In cases of part tests, the animals can remain unconfirmed until the final part submission if required.

Working offline during planned maintenance

To minimise potential disruption users are reminded that they can download a Working Form from Sam in Excel. Test data can be captured in excel and uploaded back into Sam later. Guidance on using excel can be found in Section 10, Part 2 and Section 12 of the Sam Official Veterinarian Practice Guide and the online e-learning module.

Sam OV support

For queries about using Sam or the initial registration process please contact the Sam support desk on:

0870 242 4996

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