Rabies serological testing - Updated 4 August 2016
APHA has resumed rabies serological testing under the EU PETS scheme. From 4 August all samples can be sent directly to APHA Weybridge for testing. Please note that the prices for the tests will remain unchanged, at £45.00 for the TC0712 and £65.00 for the TC0570.

Sending samples

Form code Form title Guidance
VLA3 General submission form  
VLA4 Biochemistry / haematology submission form  
VLA2 Testing for exclusion of NAD
LSW008 General submission form for APHA Weybridge  
APHA_BVDFREE_PCR BVD antigen PCR testing submission form  
APHA_BVDFREE_ELISA BVD ELISA testing submission form  
APHA_BVDFREE_MILK BVD milk serology testing submission form  
BS05 Brucellosis blood sample report OV instructions
BS07 Brucellosis report on investigation of abortion and calving OV instructions
MPG200 Ovine PrP scrapie genotyping test submission  
VLARAB1 Request for determination of antibodies against rabies  
LSW013 Export test for Contagious Equine Metritis Organism - Taylorella equigenitals  
BAT1 Bat submissions for rabies screening  
LSW009 Artificial breeding controls submission form for APHA Weybridge  
VLA5 Ancillary submission form  
  Trichinella testing - submission form for feral wild boar  
TN186 Camelid TB antibody test package - sample submission form  
BA704 Submission form for isolation of mycobacteria from non-bovine samples BA704 (guidance)
PRIV1 Submission of blood samples for private TB γ-interferon testing of cattle IFNG testing instructions
DPP_Submission DPP for tuberculosis in Badgers  

Approval applications

Form no. Form title Guidance
PRIV2 Application for approval to undertake private TB γ-interferon testing of cattle in England IFNG testing instructions

OV inspections

Form no. Form title Guidance
TN52A Tuberculin test chart - Veterinary inspector OV instructions
TN52B Non bovine - tuberculin test report and certificate of clinical inspection OV instructions